Thursday, January 1, 2009

Progect 365

Project 365

This is a photography assigment for

every day of the year. No Photoshopping.

I am going to start my project by spelling out

resolution...and the theme is the letter will

be apart of my resolutions.

Day One: R--Redecorate. I really want to redecorate my home to make it

more client friendly. I bought this red mosaic candle and burned it.

Gabi loved it so much she sat and watched it for a long time. So I decided

she would be my subject for R.

Day Two: E-- Excercise.

Day Three: S--Student Loan

Day Four: O--Ocean. I want to see the ocean before my 31st birthday.

Day Five: L--Lose weight or LOVE

Day Six: U--

Day Seven: T--Time. Spent more time with Sean.

Day Eight: I--

Day Nine: O--

Day Ten: N--

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